Sunday, January 22, 2012

This made me laugh

I checked my email this morning and found this waiting for me. It made me laugh for 2 reasons - 1) I stopped playing that day and 2) that's not the email associated with my account.

If you get this, keep in mind Jagex doesn't email players. This is a scam, so don't be like Merch Gwyar.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Last one

Membership expires tomorrow, so I dropped all my gold in the party room. ShineDown got it all; kudos to him/her! :D Thanks to all who helped me while playing:  the bloggers, the fansites, the podcasts, commentors.
Special thanks to those whom I had secret level races with:

Timothy Gold (99 mining/smithing/slayer/summoning) lost, lost, lost, won
Marlaine (99 slayer/summoning/agility) lost, won, won
Sominoreg (99 slayer) won?
Merch Gwyar (99 construction) won

Special thanks to players who inspired me to skill:

Simple013 - your ranging guide on Sal's was my bible 
Kitraas - took time to show me the farming cape emote in Shilo village many years ago and gave me my first pre-enchanted nature amulet
Marlaine - you were the top player on my secret racing list; I couldn't beat you in everything but I did get 99 agility and summoning! <3
Vaskor - you connected me to so many great RS blogs; long live Runewise! <3
Myst Drake - introduced me to the game <3
PrimeFalcon - best podcast outro ever! <3

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Final accomplishment


Oh yeah, finally got this from Runewise! This was my only goal for 2012 - 90+skills - and I got it thanks to the JoT aura. I just missed it when dungeoneering came out (got 90 rcing a few days after), so I am mucho happy to have it.

My bank clearing is nearly complete. I have runes and whips left to sell, then it's trying to find someone willing to take the gold without coming off as a scammer. :P

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

fr33 st00f pl0x?

Mostly because of money issues, I won't be renewing my membership in January. It wouldn't be a big deal, except my account will likely be deleted by the time I can afford to reactivate it again. So I'm going to be liquidating my assets. No point in keeping stuff when it's going to go bye-bye. I'll sell what I can on the GE, then either drop the cash in the party chest or give it away. This is going to happen in January, in case there's a quest I need something for.

Hey, the best part is Kitt Fox will be available as a name!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

More tears

A new record, finally!


I found out a lot of people have been having the same problem with the Loyalty points page.

In related news, my points came in yesterday and I got the JoT aura. Whoo-hoo, over 7k exp per day in dungeoneering! Much more than actually doing the skill. :P I found out the percentage increases based on my exp rather than level. Nice.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I spy


A crucial bit seems to be missing.

I do, basically, know when my points will roll over, but if you have a slot on your site for it, why not input the information?

When I did the Turkey day event on F2P, I found a guy in Varrock fountain attempting to advertise a gold-selling site. It was hilarious because he would only put one word per line, such as:

(Not a real site, btw. I know someone will check. :P )

Also, Mackers is  awesome. I left him in my house with a shit-ton of cake. :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November Screwjob

All the way at the bottom of the news article about revamping the RS website, here's this tidbit:

"Along with the release of the new website, we will be making hi-scores a members-only feature.
This is for a number of reasons, but the main one is to keep them fresh. We want the hiscores to feature players who will compete with each other, tooth and nail, for hiscore glory. There are many dormant accounts within the hiscores that have not played for a very long time, and this will give new arrivals in Gielinor a shot at hiscore fame alongside the grizzled veterans on equal terms for all."

Emphasis mine.

Well, you learn something new everyday, dontcha? I had no clue that F2Pers were uncompetitive lumps; lesser gamers because they don't hand over their $7.50 (CAD) per month.

"Members only" but "on equal terms"? Does it really surprise me? Not at all. After Mark Gerhard's "only true RuneScapeers are at RuneFest" statement when it was announced anyone going to RuneFest 2010 would be getting their tickets refunded (essentially going for free, aside from travel fare). He, or Jagex as a whole, is screwing over a fair percentage of their game base.

My question is: will all the F2P accounts be eligible to be wiped out so the names can be thrown into the bin for lucky P2Pers? Dibs on Syzygy!